Disneyland 60th Anniversary Sugar Cookie Bars

Disneyland 60th Anniversary Sugar Cookie Bars

Welcome to this month’s Blogorail Teal loop. Today we are sharing some of our favorite holiday cookie recipes.

I love sugar cookies. But I don’t love having to bake the dough, chill the dough, roll the dough, cut them out and make fancy royal icing to decorate them. For me, that’s a 2 day process. You know what’s a lot easier? Sugar cookie bars that you bake in a pan, thickly frost and cut out! And you know what’s totally the best? Making sugar cookies that remind you of your favorite place, like these cookie bars that I decorated for Disneyland’s 60th Anniversary! Using just a few store bought items and a few minutes of time and you have cute sugar cookie bars that don’t take two days to make and 5 seconds to eat.

Disneyland 60th Anniversary Sugar Cookie Bars

Bake the cookies in a pan until just done

I found this delicious recipe online at Mel’s Kitchen Cafe for the sugar cookie bars.

Disneyland 60th Anniversary Sugar Cookie Bars

I wanted variety so I iced half in blue and the other half in white with blue sprinkles

To decorate, I wanted these bar cookies to reflect the beautiful blue and white decor that is all over the Disneyland Resort this year for the Diamond Anniversary. I used half of the frosting as it was and then colored the second half blue so I’d have a variety.

Disneyland 60th Anniversary Sugar Cookie Bars

After chilling in the fridge a bit, I cut the pieces and then decorated each square a little differently. Some received a pearlescent candy ball. Others received hard-shell candy Mickey silhouettes because my little one loves a “hidden Mickey”, especially one made of candy!

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  2. Love the idea of sugar cookie BARS! That would save so much time. I mention in my post how I’m not a cookie baker most of the time because they are so time consuming. I like the way you think!

  3. Oh joy! A simple way to make sugar cookies without having kids, floors, walls, (and pets if I had them) covered in flour!!! This is a fabulous idea and I’m a bit sad that I never thought of it! Thank you for sharing this idea and recipe. I’ll definitely be making these this month!

  4. I love the idea of a sugar cookie bar. All the deliciousness and no mess! Thanks for sharing! I think my kids would love these!

  5. Ok, now this is my kind of baking. Love that you made it simple and the idea to create two designs in pan is brilliant!